What parents say about St Joseph’s

The following quotes are taken from questionnaires and emails kindly sent in by parents during the academic year 2020-2021.

  • “St Joseph’s at Castleford have been amazing and always put the students first. I am incredibly grateful.”


  • “The teachers are doing a brilliant job under difficult circumstances & we’re extremely grateful for all the time & effort they’re putting in to ensure the impact to the children’s learning whilst in lock down is as minimal as possible – Thank you.”


  • “The remote learning has been excellent and we have been very grateful for Google Classroom as it keeps [STUDENT] motivated and helps to be able to see all her friends and communicate with everybody.”
  • “The school have been amazing throughout this and extremely supportive. My son’s teacher has gone above and beyond at all times.”


  • “Thank you for your support during these difficult times.”


  • “Can’t praise enough the class teacher when my daughter’s friend cried when she saw my daughter, so the teacher gave them time to talk to each other online, really looking after their mental health too. School have done a fantastic job, and brilliant amount of work being set each day. A massive well done.”


  • “The school and in particular Mrs Medley and the Foundation staff team have been outstanding in the efforts towards making the home learning experience as normal and as exciting for the children as possible. I was worried that [STUDENT] would not be interested in learning from home, but she looks forward to logging on each morning to see her friends and Mrs Medley and is actively asking what her activities are for the day! They take time to talk to each child individually so that they don’t feel as if they are just watching a screen and they actively encourage participation through hand gestures and questions to those at home. Please express our thanks to the school and the staff for their outstanding efforts as I know this must be an extremely challenging time for them all. Their efforts are truly appreciated.”
  • “Remote learning has been to a high standard.”


  • “St Joseph’s is doing an excellent job of providing work on Google classrooms for home schooling. Miss Hayley in particular has a very good rapport with the children. I am very impressed with the school.”


  • “The remote learning, communication and support we have received during all periods of home schooling over the past year has been amazing and we couldn’t have asked for better. The provision of structured and clear tasks has made the process of balancing home working and home schooling much easier to manage […] We feel incredibly lucky that we have had this support and provision, which had enabled us as key workers to keep working full time whilst keeping [STUDENT] at home with us throughout. Everyone’s efforts in enabling us to do this is very much appreciated.”
  • “I just wanted to send in some feedback regarding home schooling and Miss Haley in particular […] I just wanted to say how well I think she’s doing in a difficult and constantly moving situation. Miss Haley is engaging and enthusiastic from the minute she’s online […] I think the live lessons definitely help when it comes to the children feeling like they are actually at school and also the children seeing their friends on screen. I know not all schools are doing this so I appreciate that you are and the effort it must take.”


  • “It’s nice to feel it’s ok to leave your children and know they will be kept as safe as possible whilst in the care of the school.”


  • “I think the school has done an amazing job in response to the circumstances it finds itself in. They have been very child centred in their approaches. I have every faith in the job they are doing to provide a safe learning environment for my children, which they have done since June and is important to their mental health.”
  • “Very content with the school response to these challenges. No concerns at all, I’m confident everything is being done to protect the children within the remit of the school. Well done St Joseph’s.”


  • “I personally think St Joseph’s has handled this with the upmost thought and professionalism whilst remaining a safe environment for our children. Great job.”


  • “I think St Joseph’s is doing an amazing job considering the situation we are dealing with. We are informed as soon as any changes happen. Putting my child’s life in their hands is a big ask but I trust them 100%. I couldn’t ask for much more.”


  • “I have nothing but praise for the way everyone involved in the school has handled the situation throughout and continues to do so. The support our family as a whole have received from the begin has been amazing and very much appreciated.”
  • “We would like to pass our thank you to Mr Gibbons for today’s Google Classroom cover. To teach remotely one class is hard enough, and today he took two classes and has done a superb job! Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank the Year 5 team for their dedication and hard work this term. It definitely was a challenge… We would also like to thank office staff who were always available and tirelessly answered parents’ questions.”