Sports Premium Funding

Since September 2013, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has received extra sport funding through the Sports Premium. We intend to use the money to improve the confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across school, broadening the range of activities offered to pupils and improving our resources. We feel that this is the most effective and efficient way for the funding to have a long lasting and positive effect on future learning and physical development of our children within our school. The money will be used so that all children benefit regardless of sporting ability, that children are given the opportunity to compete in sporting activities and that staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development.

In order to use the funding effectively in our school we are committed to developing Physical Education and competitive sport. In our school we are using this funding by working with a series of professional partners including our feeder high school, St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School and Sixth Form College and Premier Sport.

Sports specialist teachers and coaches are working alongside class teachers in lessons and also with provision sports for after school clubs. In this way, our children are gaining new skills and experiences and teachers are learning new techniques and knowledge to aid their professional development in teaching sport and PE.


  • Increase the amount of competition sport in which our children participate;
  • Make links to other community sports providers;
  • Develop additional clubs and activities for children, outside the curriculum;
  • Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport;
  • Give extra support in PE to our more able and talented children and include those with special needs in sport;
  • Focus on supporting Pupil Premium pupils to benefit by supporting their attendance at after school clubs.

The long term aim is higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children.

See the PE Action Plan for how we specifically intend to use the extra monies from the sport premium.

PE and Sports Premium Action Plans

PE Premium 23-24

BKCAT Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium – 2020-21