Choosing and applying for a place at school is one of the most important things we can do for our children.

As a Catholic School the Governors are responsible for setting the Admissions Policy and allocating places based on its criteria. The current Admission Policy can be found below.

Prospective parents are advised to read the Admissions Policy carefully and visit the school. It is also important to fill in the school’s own Supplementary Information Form and return this to school.

The Local Authority coordinates the admissions process on behalf of the school.

Further information about what to do if the application for your child is not successful can be found on the Local Authority website.

Please contact the School Office if you would like any more information.

Below are links to our Admissions Policies.

23-24 Admissions Policy SJC final

21-22 Admissions Policy SJC

22-23 Admissions Policy SJC

Admissions Appeal Timetable

Boundary map

SIF Primary 2023 SJC

Appeals Process During Coronavirus

The Government has now published temporary regulations in relation to School Admission Appeals which state that face to face appeal hearings should not take place until the Government guidelines on social distancing indicate it is safe to do so and the Admission Authority considers it is reasonably practicable to hold an appeal in person.

The temporary regulations allow for Admission Appeal hearings to be conducted remotely (that is, by telephone or video conference) and for appeals to be determined on the basis of written submissions only. The Local Authority will determine the most appropriate way forward in light of the temporary regulations and will notify all appellants accordingly.

It is unfortunately unavoidable that there will be delays this year in scheduling appeals due to the virus outbreak and the consequent social distancing measures.  The Local Authority will provide updates on this as and when further information is available.

If your preference for a school place cannot be met you have the right of appeal. All appeals are organised by Committee Services. Your appeal should be submitted within 21 days from the receipt of refusal. You will be asked to complete a form, clearly stating your reasons for your appeal.

We have a full list of documents to enable you to do this listed below: