Reading at St. Joseph’s


Through our English curriculum, we strive to teach the children how important their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be in the real world. By providing an enriched and engaging English curriculum, we develop confident and enthusiastic learners who are equipped with the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society both now and in their future. Reading is at the heart of all our English lessons. By reading widely and often and through choosing quality texts, we want children to develop a lifelong love of reading and allow children to recognise the pleasure they can get from their reading, as well as an understanding that reading allows them to discover new knowledge, revisit prior knowledge and understand more about what they learn, fuelling their imagination for ideas to use in their own work.



The systematic teaching of phonics has a high priority throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Phonics is taught daily to all children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.  Staff systematically teach learners the relationship between sounds and the written spelling patterns, or graphemes, which represent them. Phonics are displayed in classrooms and this further enhances the rich literacy environment for early readers. Intervention is planned for those children who are working below expected levels and children who do not meet the threshold in Y1 in the phonics screening check receive extra daily phonics. Read Write Inc. is a literacy programme designed and developed by Ruth Miskin, one of the country’s leading authorities on teaching children to read. The programme aims to create fluent readers and confident speakers.

At the start of the new academic year, each child in Reception and Key Stage 1 is assessed on their letter recognition and reading within the first few weeks. After the assessment; any gaps in phonic knowledge, comprehension, or reading fluency will be used to assign each child to their own small, exclusive group for regular sessions with a trained member of staff using Read Write Inc. methods. These groups are organised according to the children’s specific needs, and the specific sounds, letters and comprehension skills needed are taught in a secure and engaging way.

The Read Write Inc sessions one hour minutes and includes a variety of activities delivered with pace and rigour. Children have the opportunity to learn sounds which are reinforced during the session with reading activities and spelling games – learning is put into practise.




Classroom Reading Areas

The Reading Barn (before and after)

Our further love of reading is celebrated online in our Story Corner.

This year for World Book Day 2024 each class was gifted a special Picture Book.

We have also created The Virtual Library, a selection of stories which children can access from anywhere.