Physical Education & Sport

Curriculum PE Overview


We aim for all children at St Joseph’s to be physically active and have a good understanding of healthy lifestyles. Physical Education (PE) at St Joseph’s is age appropriate and children are challenged to develop their skill acquisition in a range of sporting activities. At each stage of learning, children should be able to demonstrate a high level of fitness, activity and knowledge of healthy lifestyles.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring a high quality PE curriculum
  • Support the curriculum with the Sports Premium Grant
  • Offer children a range of extra curricular activities
  • Develop a positive culture of sport and recognise this with the School Games Mark
  • Develop the whole child – physically, mentally, socially, and creatively


Long, medium and short term planning that challenges pupils to develop physically in a wide range of sports and activities. In Year 5, children will develop their water confidence and water safety in a year long swimming programme.

All teachers:

  • Will participate in CPD to develop their understanding of the new scheme to support the teaching of PE
  • Use the SMART principle to develop PE activities and ensure differentiation takes place within a lesson
  • Have high expectations of pupils within the lessons


  • Accurate records of assessment, including swimming data and Golden Mile fitness data, showing the level of participation
  • Recorded data shows the increase in activity/fitness as pupils progress through the school and children should be accessing a range of sporting opportunities
  • With the opportunities provided to the pupils through curriculum and extra curricular planning, pupils will speak openly about the positive experiences they have had within primary school
  • Staff will feel confident in delivering high quality PE, which is differentiated and challenges all abilities
  • Develop physical skills, habits and interests that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Develop positive attitudes to physical endeavours including perseverance, fair play and sporting behaviour, and the ability to cope with success and failure
  • Learn how physical exercise affects the body
  • Understand the need for safe practice in physical activities and know how to achieve this.

PE Premium 23-24

PE Whole School LTP 2023-2024

PE & Sport Policy 2023

SEF PE – July 23