We aim for all children at St Joseph’s to be mathematically confident and have a love of Mathematics. Maths is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application. At each stage of learning, children should be able to demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of the topic, and be able to build this up over time.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring a high quality Maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable
  • Providing a variety of mathematical opportunities, which will enable them to make the connections in learning needed to enjoy a greater depth in learning
  • Implementing a scheme of Mathematics across school to further ensure consistency and application
  • Ensuring children are confident mathematicians who are not afraid to take risks
  • Fully develop independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and an interest in self-improvement


Long, medium and short term planning that is progressive and cohesive across the year groups, and provides opportunities to revisit. Teachers teach lessons that are designed on the principle of ‘Pictorial, Concrete, Abstract’, and we provide quality first teaching in line with the teaching standards.

All teachers:

  •  ‘Know where their children are’ through the use of concise summative assessment, prior learning, assessment, Maths talk
  • ‘Understand where their children need to be’ through a secure understanding of year group expectations and/or pre key stage expectations and incisive, ongoing, formative assessment
  • ‘Know how they are going to get them there’ through the use of a range of strategies to promote independence, mastery, and high expectations of ALL


The children will have:

  • Quick recall of facts and procedures
  • The flexibility and fluidity to move between different contexts and representations of Mathematics
  • The ability to recognise relationships and make connections in Mathematics
  • The ability to show how a mathematical concept or skill has been mastered when a child can show it in multiple ways, using the mathematical language to explain their ideas, and can independently apply the concept to new problems in an unfamiliar environment

This will be assessed through assessment, tracking, pupil progress meetings, performance management, moderation and standardisation.

Long Term Plan

Maths Policy 23 24

SJC Calc Policy.docx

Useful links

White Rose Maths

Our school long term plan has been developed from that of the White Rose Maths long term plan. Influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world, White Rose Maths developed a sequential scheme of work that challenges learners. Through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract method of teaching, pupils develop wholistically, fluently as well as enhancing their problem solving and reasoning skills.