Art and Design


We aim for our art curriculum to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils. Through high quality art and design lessons, our pupils will learn the specific knowledge and skills in order for them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art and designs. We want our pupils to find enjoyment in art and creativity, as well as develop an appreciation for the work of a range of artists. We want pupils to confidently and skillfully use a range of techniques and materials. We want pupils to have opportunities to develop their observation and description skills.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring we provide a high quality art curriculum that is engaging, inspiring and challenging
  • Providing pupils with rich opportunities that enable them to produce their own works of art and explore ideas
  • Teaching pupils to practise and master a range of art techniques and skills


Our school is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and progressive approach to long, medium, and short-term planning for each year group, ensuring a seamless, progressive journey. We follow a curriculum designed within our Trust, drawing from the Twinkl scheme for Art and Design from Years One to Six. This carefully crafted curriculum ensures a continuum of learning, allowing for a well-structured progression. Our yearly overviews serve as a strategic guide for each year group, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the curriculum.

Our talented teaching staff plan lessons that embrace art skills outlined in the National Curriculum. These skills are not just taught but thoughtfully developed, instilling creativity in our students as well as facilitating a comprehensive learning experience.

We wholeheartedly support our students in their artistic pursuits. By adhering to our Trust-developed curriculum, grounded in the Twinkl scheme, we ensure thorough coverage of essential skills and provide meticulously planned progression. The yearly overviews empower our teachers with the knowledge and skills to guide their students effectively, considering both the relevant focus and prior knowledge acquired in previous year groups. This approach not only inspires our students but also challenges them to reach new artistic heights.


The impact of our commitment to excellence in art education is evident in the quality and standard of our students’ artwork and through the feedback in pupil voice.

Students have developed a rich knowledge of great artists, craft makers, and designers, expanding their cultural awareness and enriching their creative perspectives.

Our art and design curriculum fosters individuality and our students gain the confidence to explore, evaluate, and analyse various forms of artwork, including their own creations and those of their peers. This encourages individuality and a deeper appreciation of artistic expression.

Art and Design Topics

Art Policy 23

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