Art & Design


We aim for our art curriculum to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils. Through high quality art and design lessons, our pupils will learn the specific knowledge and skills in order for them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art and designs. We want our pupils to find enjoyment in art and creativity, as well as develop an appreciation for the work of a range of artists. We want pupils to confidently and skilfully use a range of techniques and materials. We want pupils to have opportunities to develop their observation and description skills.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring we provide a high quality art curriculum that is engaging, inspiring and challenging
  • Providing pupils with rich opportunities that enable them to produce their own works of art and explore ideas
  • Teaching pupils to practise and master a range of art techniques and skills


  • Long, medium and short term planning for each year group will be progressive.
  • We use KAPOW and our main scheme of work is enhanced by the study of artists linked to our local area. (Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth)
  • All teachers plan lessons that include art skills from the National Curriculum and are explicitly taught and developed
  • All teachers will work on whole school projects and competitions which challenge and inspire pupils. For example, we take part in Religious Art competitions and topical projects.
  • All teachers will use progressive planning within art lessons


  • The quality and standard of the pupils’ artwork
  • Art is individual and pupils have the confidence to evaluate and analyse different forms of art work including that of others and their own
  • Pupils have knowledge of great artists, craft makers and designers