Class Saints

This year, each class has chosen a Patron Saint. The children will learn about the Saints life, why they are a good role model and how through their example, we might become closer to Christ ourselves. We will also be asking these saints for their intersessions during our own collective worship.

Foundation Stage – St Joseph –

As our children begin our school, they will learn about St Joseph, the patron of our school and parish. They will hear the stories of how Joseph cared for and protected Jesus and Mary as well as following his example of working hard.

St Joseph … Pray for Us.

Year One – St Peter –

St Peter was one of Jesus’ best friends. Although he didn’t always get things right and understand what Jesus wanted him to do, he was loyal and tried his best to live as Jesus was telling him to. Jesus put Peter in charge of his Church and became the first Pope.

St Peter … Pray for Us.

Year Two – St Christopher –

Christopher’s name, means “Christ-bearer”. His story tells that he carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river before the child revealed himself as Christ. He is therefore, the patron saint of travellers. Year 2 will learn that on our journeys in life, we can rely on God and the prayers of the saints.

St Christopher … Pray for Us.

Year Three – St Paul –

Like St Peter, Paul was also one of Jesus’ best friends. Originally called Saul, Paul made it his mission in life to spread the messages of Christ. He wrote many letters, which appear in the New Testament, to different communities, telling them of God’s love for us all. Our children will follow Paul’s example of spreading Gods Word through thought and action.

St Paul … Pray for Us.

Year Four – St Teresa of Calcutta –

St Teresa lived between 1910 – 1997. She devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor. She was known to many as Mother Teresa, and her work was recognised not only by the Roman Catholic church, but by the world, too. In Year 4, we will learn about how we can live out the virtues in the ways St Teresa did, by helping our fellow man.

St Teresa of Calcutta… Pray for Us.

Year Five – St Anthony of Padua –

St Anthony lived over 1000 years after the death of Christ. He was a Catholic Priest from Portugal, who was remembered due to his expert knowledge of the bible as well as the wonderful gift of preaching and sharing the Word of God. Year 5 too will look at how they can live their lives according to the Word of God.

St Anthony … Pray for Us.

Year Six – St Wilfrid –

St Wilfrid lived between 633 and 709 AD. Not only is St Wilfrid a patron saint of our diocese, he is also the patron saint of our feeder high school. He was bishop of York during his life and is remembered for developing the Church in England and being certain in his faith in God. Year 6 will follow the example of St Wilfrid in exploring their belief in God.

St Wilfrid … Pray for Us.