Catholic Life

In our Mission Statement, it says: We at St Joseph’s believe that the Catholic Faith should be central to and permeate all aspects of school life. We aim to achieve this through the teaching of the curriculum, prayer and worship.

Our latest Section 48 inspection rated our school as Outstanding in all areas and we pride ourselves on providing our children with a broad RE Curriculum and a rich spiritual development.

Our children take part in prayer several times during the day with one of these being a main collective worship liturgy. We also regularly provide our children with the opportunity to take part in the sacraments, including the Mass and Reconciliation.

Our weekly newsletter contains a regular Catholic Life section, detailing the worship children and staff are undertaking each week, our Virtues to Live By, and much more: Newsletters.

Key Documentation

You will find a few documents below which detail the teaching and key values of Religious Education within St Joseph’s.



Spiritual Development Policy

Collective Worship Policy – 2023

Holy Communion 2023

A big congratulations to all of our Holy Communicants in 2023. We are so proud of you!